Book Designer & Illustrator
Book Designer & Illustrator

Le tour du monde des Normands en 80 jours


Communication Department, Deauville
Design: December 2011 – Context: April 2011

Context organized by the City of Deauville for the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of Normandy.

Public: France (journalism and photography school, Beaux-Arts).

Image included in several magazines and websites: Affinitiz, Aujourd’, Babel trip, Calvados tourisme, Gites de France,, In the mook for Deauville, Le Post, Uniterre, Norman buzz, Normandie tourisme

Web: e-mail templates sent to the Beaux-Arts schools in France. Creation of 6 banners.

Print: 1760×1200-mm A3 posters, image insertion in the Program n.2 (April 2011) of the municipality.

This project had a national success.