That’s grand!

Please shop and find more pictures of this tote bag here – Tote bag series entitled ‘Slang’ Hand screen printed by myself in a creative quarter in Dublin, Ireland called Stoneybatter. Artwork inspired by the seaside in South Dublin, Ireland. ‘It’s grand!’ is an Irish slang that people use to mean “well done, all good”. Regardless of the weather and time of year, Irish love to swim at Seapoint or Forty Foot on Sundays. It has become like a ritual. My friends always ask me on Friday ‘Do you have any plan for the weekend? Me, I’m going for a swim… I usually meet my friends there at around 10am. I prefer to stay on the side to sketch a bit, the water is sooooo cold! Well done guys !! We really enjoy the nice takeaway tea fallowing at the nearest food truck to get warmer! The ink is waterproof and the bag 100% cotton 🙂 Please message me even if it’s ‘sold out’: I print them in small batches.