Umbrellas on O’Connell St.

Dublin series

Artwork description: this print, part of the ‘Dublin’ series, capture the essence of the city. This illustration was inspired by my daily life. O’Connell Street is a meeting point, the centre of this busy and noisy city, where tourists and locals regularly cross paths and umbrellas keep flying. Showcases Dublin’s wildlife, including foxes, deer, and seals. ‘Umbrellas on O’Connell St.’ is vibrant, with geometric forms and minimalist design, appealing to all ages.

Digital print: open edition printed with Copper House, Dublin in Giclée fine art edition, high quality. The sizes available are: A4, A3 and A2 (270gsm white fine art paper) on Etsy.

Please find more pictures on my Instagram.

An hand-pulled screen print made at Damn Fine Print is also available. This hand-craft print medium is an opportunity to highlight the details of the original artwork made by collages and to stay true to the dynamics, feelings and energy of the actual scene.
Technical details: four colours, six layers (pink, magenta, black and green). Printed on 300gsm ‘Munken Pure Rough’ paper. From a signed edition of 20. Dimensions: 320 x 450mm.